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Tell-tale Signs Your Boiler Needs Repairing Or Replacing

Posted on by AMT Heating

For your boiler to serve you better and last a long time, it requires regular inspection and maintenance. If a little problem is ignored or isn’t addressed immediately, it can grow into a larger issue that can be very difficult to handle or expensive to fix. With this in mind, we at AMT Heating have outlined a few warning signs that indicate whether your boiler needs repair or replacement.

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What are the Additional Costs of Running a Faulty Boiler?

Posted on by AMT Heating

As the coldest months of the year are getting closer, homeowners all over the UK are turning to their boilers for extra comfort and warmth. A boiler breakdown is one of the worst nightmares for any of us, as according to Which? magazine, the cheapest boiler repair costs £150 on average. At the other end of the scale, the most expensive repairs are replacing thermostatic valves (£420) and fitting a new boiler (up to £2,000). Looking at these prices, you may be thinking that you can postpone getting your boiler repaired, but the truth is that running a faulty boiler can end up costing you more than getting it fixed. Read on to see why. Continue reading →

AMT Heating: Should You Replace or Repair Your Boiler?

Posted on by AMT Heating

Now that the winter is finally subsiding we can finally turn our heating off for the summer but that doesn’t mean that we can forget about our boilers. In fact, while we’re not using our heating as much it’s the perfect time to think about addressing any existing or potential problems. Continue reading →


Calling All Landlords!

Posted on by AMT Heating

Running a property can be a stressful business. But are you aware of your legal gas safety duties as a landlord? Every year, landlords are conned by illegal gas workers who perform poor gas work, causing serious illness and death of tenants. And if it’s your property, it’s your responsibility.

Make sure you stay Gas Safe and legal by contacting AMT Heating to conduct a thorough Landlord Safety Check with prices starting from £45. Click here to find more about a landlords gas safety responsibilities.